Track and report side effects of drugs, vaccines and medical devices.

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Track & reporting medicines side effects and equipment incidents

Discover the power of seamless tracking and reporting with our cutting-edge platform, where we prioritize your safety and well-being by providing a simple, user-friendly system to log and report any side effects experienced from medications and incidents involving medical equipment.


Reporting a problem with a medicine

Collecting and Reporting Adverse Events

We understand the importance of patient safety so we streamline the process of gathering and analyzing adverse events related to medications, vaccines, and medical devices.

Packaging, Handling Or Storage Of Medicine

We follow every guideline for tamper-evident packaging, clean handling, and suitable storage conditions to preserve the integrity of medications and promote their optimal use.

Counterfeit Medicines And Questionable Practices

We make sure to go through any medical practices or drugs that are ineffective, unsafe, endanger public health, or life-threatening to protect you and others from any potential harm.

side effects and complications

Medical Device Complications

We take proper steps to recognize, properly monitor, and report any issues to healthcare professionals crucial in addressing and managing any medical device complications to ensure patient safety and well-being.


Improved Automatic Pharmacovigilance

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System for Monitoring Adverse Events

Adverse Event Reporting Program

safety alerts for FDA-regulated products


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Kudos to Medwatcher for their commitment to patient safety! Their reporting system helped me alert healthcare authorities about an adverse reaction to a drug, and I feel like I made a difference in protecting others from potential harm.

Brian K. Baker

I rely on Medwatcher reviews for their comprehensive and unbiased assessments of medications. Their insights helped me make informed decisions about my health, and I trust their expertise completely.

Tiana E. Berman1
Tiana E. Berman
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